New and Improved: The Insightly App for Outlook 2013

When we originally released Insightly’s app for Outlook 2013 over a year ago, the installation was limited to customers with administrator accounts. With recent updates to Microsoft Outlook, this barrier was removed, and Insightly quickly updated our app to get you up and running. You can review all the great features of the app at… Read More

Navigate Insightly Without Losing Focus

We’ve all followed a trail of links through the internet from one topic of interest to another. That’s one of the joys of roaming through the world wide web!  Unfortunately, sometimes we may get a little lost as we are traversing the web, so Insightly has made this process a bit easier and clearer with… Read More

Customize Insightly and Work Faster!

You may say ‘tomato’ and I may say ‘tomahto,’ but with Insightly’s customization options it doesn’t matter.  We can each customize Insightly to match our own unique work processes, making data entry and navigation easier. Some of these settings are often overlooked, so here are a few—with a couple of newer additions—that you or your… Read More

Task Management Gets Easier with Bulk Updating!

As projects progress and work adjustments are made, it’s common for the due dates on deliverables and assignments to change. If you’re using Insightly’s activity sets or entering tasks on a regular basis, you have probably encountered a time when you had to open a group of Insightly tasks one by one to change their… Read More

View an Organization’s Complete History (Related Items Included)

With Insightly’s linking feature, you can create relationships between different items to visualize and navigate important connections, from the organizations involved with a project, to the contacts connected to an organization. Since organizations tend to be the hub of these relationships, it makes sense that many Insightly customers have asked for a history of related… Read More

Add a Note to Multiple Contacts and Organizations at Once

Insightly’s many bulk editing options help you get your work done faster by allowing you to update many records in fewer steps—much quicker than editing them one by one! We’ve added a new bulk edit option for contacts and organizations to make adding a single note to multiple records even easier. To display the bulk… Read More

Keyboard Shortcuts Help You Become a Productivity Ninja!

If you’ve ever copied-and-pasted without lifting your hands from the keyboard, you have used a keyboard shortcut. Shortcuts help you do things faster without reaching for your mouse, and Insightly is happy to include them as a quick way to navigate and create records. We’ve even placed the list of shortcuts right in Insightly for… Read More

Link Microsoft OneDrive Files to Insightly

With Insightly’s newest integration, you can easily link Microsoft OneDrive files to your Insightly records. This file management option can help you keep track of files related to your customers in Insightly, whether you use Microsoft Office Online or upload and sync your files directly to OneDrive. Select the Files subtab under contacts, organizations, opportunities,… Read More

The Latest Rev of Our Android App is Receiving Rave Reviews!

Last week we released an updated version (3.1.23) of our Android application.  With the new version, users can: Search, Edit and Add New – Tasks, Contacts, Organizations, Opportunities, Projects Search Emails Filter Tasks as Open, Completed or Delegated View Updated Detailed Views View File Attachments Filter Projects and Opportunities as Open or Closed. Filter Emails… Read More

Insightly + QuickBooks Online = Greater Productivity and Convenience!

What happens when the #1 online CRM for small business integrates with the #1 online accounting application? A measurable increase in convenience, efficiency and productivity! With our QuickBooks Online integration, users can view any customer payment status and history within Insightly via the QuickBooks Online tab. Now, you can eliminate dual data entry, and you… Read More