Conferences Aimed at the Small Business Owner
Conferences take us out of the daily grind, while still offering full industry immersion. They offer an atmosphere where you have opportunities to learn new processes and share ideas with interesting people who speak your language. Find out which conferences might be right for you.
Using Artificial intelligence and Predictive Analytics to Customize and Automate Email Marketing Campaigns
It's a fact. email marketing is 40 times more effective than using social media — Facebook and Twitter combined — to acquire new customers? Discover how and why marketing automation can save your business time.
Tips for Networking and Creative Inspiration
We all need to get out and network to expand our horizons. Discover a few secrets to successful networking and finding creativity amongst hobbyists, craftspeople, and scientists.
On the Road Again: Maximizing CRM in an Increasingly Mobile World
Mobile CRM gives you access to crucial information when you need it most. If a valued client or customer has a major problem and needs your assistance, you can use your mobile CRM to access their account on the spot.
Do You Know Your Customers?
Simply put, customer relationship management, or CRM, is a collection of tools to help document, organize, and analyze customer contact information and interactions. The question is, do you really know what to do with these powerful business tools? Learn more.
Insightly is Your CRM Secret Weapon
The Cloud Technology Alliance released the Business Transformation Guide for Google Apps—A Practical Guide to Planning and Execution. The purpose of the guide is to help executives, IT administrators, Google Apps resellers, and change-minded employees make intelligent and informed decisions about selecting cloud-based technologies supported by Google Apps. Find out how Insightly rates.
Multi-Tasking–Myth or Reality?
Did you know that multi-tasking can actually lower your IQ? Learn more about the myth of multi-tasking, deleting unwanted data, and prepping for tax season in this week's Turn It Up Tuesday.
Totally Frazzled From Too Many Technology Tools?
At Insightly, we’re big on helping you stay on track and on deadline, which is why we have so many integrations that work with Insightly’s CRM.
Get CRM On The Go!
Not sure whether to invest in mobile CRM? A 2012 study showed sales reps saw a 26.4% increase in productivity when they added both social and mobile functions are added to their CRM.
Setting Milestones
It's Turn it Up Tuesday, which means it's time for some quick tips. This week we cover creating milestones in Insightly, striking a power pose to boost your confidence, and running a quick reality check on what is and isn't working in your business regimen.