Conferences Aimed at the Small Business Owner
Conferences take us out of the daily grind, while still offering full industry immersion. They offer an atmosphere where you have opportunities to learn new processes and share ideas with interesting people who speak your language. Find out which conferences might be right for you.
Using Artificial intelligence and Predictive Analytics to Customize and Automate Email Marketing Campaigns
It's a fact. email marketing is 40 times more effective than using social media — Facebook and Twitter combined — to acquire new customers? Discover how and why marketing automation can save your business time.
Tips for Networking and Creative Inspiration
We all need to get out and network to expand our horizons. Discover a few secrets to successful networking and finding creativity amongst hobbyists, craftspeople, and scientists.
On the Road Again: Maximizing CRM in an Increasingly Mobile World
Mobile CRM gives you access to crucial information when you need it most. If a valued client or customer has a major problem and needs your assistance, you can use your mobile CRM to access their account on the spot.
Do You Know Your Customers?
Simply put, customer relationship management, or CRM, is a collection of tools to help document, organize, and analyze customer contact information and interactions. The question is, do you really know what to do with these powerful business tools? Learn more.
Insightly is Your CRM Secret Weapon
The Cloud Technology Alliance released the Business Transformation Guide for Google Apps—A Practical Guide to Planning and Execution. The purpose of the guide is to help executives, IT administrators, Google Apps resellers, and change-minded employees make intelligent and informed decisions about selecting cloud-based technologies supported by Google Apps. Find out how Insightly rates.
Multi-Tasking–Myth or Reality?
Did you know that multi-tasking can actually lower your IQ? Learn more about the myth of multi-tasking, deleting unwanted data, and prepping for tax season in this week's Turn It Up Tuesday.
Totally Frazzled From Too Many Technology Tools?
At Insightly, we’re big on helping you stay on track and on deadline, which is why we have so many integrations that work with Insightly’s CRM.
Get CRM On The Go!
Not sure whether to invest in mobile CRM? A 2012 study showed sales reps saw a 26.4% increase in productivity when they added both social and mobile functions are added to their CRM.
Setting Milestones
It's Turn it Up Tuesday, which means it's time for some quick tips. This week we cover creating milestones in Insightly, striking a power pose to boost your confidence, and running a quick reality check on what is and isn't working in your business regimen.
Leverage Your email List to Boost Sales
Whether you collect addresses via a registration page on your website or a sign-up sheet in a retail store, chances are your business has amassed a large supply of email addresses in some form or another. These addresses have a high value to your business – but the longer you wait to put them to use. Read on to learn more about how you can leverage your email address list to increase revenues and profits for your business
Project Management Infographic
Time and money are on the table when it comes to managing projects effectively and it can cost you dearly if you aren't prepared. With proper planning and the right project management tools, you can make sure you’re on top of your customer relationships at every stage of the sales cycle.
Creating a Global Office
Have you considered allowing your employees to telecommute? It could save you more money than you think. Also, have you ever wondered what to do with those extra binder clips? We've got some suggestions for you.
Insightly Insider Discussion Series–Part III
Join us on Tuesday, December 8th, from 8 AM to 12 Noon, PST, for an open and informative discussion about marketing for the small business owner.
Up Your Engagement: 3 Ways to Reward Behaviors You Want Customers to Repeat
Building a real relationship with your customers isn't always easy. People expect brands to have ulterior motives and are always waiting for the sales pitch. To really engage, you have to know who they are, what they want, and where to find them.
7 Ways a Great CRM Benefits Creative Organizations
CRM isn't just the digital version of a Rolodex®. You can use several tools to target contact information in ways that will help you personalize your communication. Whether you want to segment emails in a novel way, give your salespeople personal information about leads before they reach out, or ensure current customers are rewarded for their loyalty, a great CRM can help.
Budget Friendly Office Gadgets
If you're in need of some smart gift ideas for the small business owner in your life, or you would like to make a “happy holidays to me” purchase, this week's Turn It Up Tuesday takes a look at some of the best and most affordable office gadgets that could boost your mobility and productivity.
Are You Ready for Small Business Saturday?
With SBS just days away, are you ready to receive your customers? Here are some tips to help get your shop into top shape.
7 Simple Tips for Writing Cool, Connecting Customer Emails
It’s no secret email is key in connecting with your customers. It’s fast, easy, efficient and the best way to get a message out on a large scale, but many of us wonder how to write emails that really get read.
Hire Smart, Mentor Well
Hiring and mentoring your employees is one of your most important investments. This week's Turn It Up Tuesday offers fast facts and tips on how to get started on the road to finding and keeping happy and productive employees.
CRM Reporting 101 (Part Two)
This is the second of a two-part series on CRM reporting. In part one, we took you through the first steps in planning a report. Today, we move on to the steps to filter, organize, and start creating your report.
5 Financial Reports Your Business Needs Now
A lot of business owners don’t like numbers. Some are downright scared of them. This is the wrong attitude, says small-business strategist and Xero certified advisor Danetha Doe. “You should embrace numbers. They’re your best friend,” she says. “They tell you a story so you can make decisions—whether you can hire a new employee, expand to another location or take that vacation to Italy.”
No Need to Stress
Turn It Up Tuesday: Tips from Insightly to Take Your Business to 11 Welcome to Turn It Up Tuesday, where we bring you 3 weekly tips—a tip on running your business, a tip on using Insightly CRM, and a tip on improving your life. Enjoy this week’s tips! Image courtesy of Mister GC at FreeDigitalPhotos.net. ... Read More
The Evolution Of The Sales Proposal
When it comes to vetting purchasing options from vendors, buyers are relying on recommendations from their peers as well as what’s being said on the internet. But they’re also influenced by another major factor: the quality of the content the brand delivers.
Tale of the Tape: Insightly Versus Zoho
In a recent blog post, ZBrains (a dedicated Zoho consultancy) outlined how Insightly and Zoho stack up pretty evenly when compared side by side.
CRM Reporting 101 (Part One)
Every CRM includes reporting tools to monitor and make sense of your data, leading to business metrics that will help you make smarter business decisions. You can jump right in and start building reports with the tools available to you, but spending a little time planning a report will save you lots of time when building it.
Emergency Preparedness
This week's Turn It Up Tuesday offers some tips on how to choose the right fire proof safe, keep your office kitchenette in tip-top shape, as well as where to go to have all of your Insightly user queries answered.
Can the Internet of Things Enrich Your CRM Data?
Customer service will inevitably change, but one thing will remain the same: automation cannot replace the personal experience. Your task, as technology puts added dimension and potential at your fingertips, is to use it to raise the bar on personal communications, roll out new products and services based on all the data you'll be able to collect, and continue to improve. Allowing technology to replace the human touch would most likely prove to be a fatal mistake.
Why Small Business Owners Should Consider CRM
Many small business owners have a minimal marketing budget to work with, so the blunt tools of large-scale advertising and mass media promotions simply aren’t available. Instead, small business owners need to nurture more targeted approaches to reach customers – both new and existing – and a good CRM system can help you develop a strategy for doing exactly that by helping you figure out the best way to market your wares.
Integration and Motivation
This week's Turn It Up Tuesday takes a look at the motivational benefits of sugar, doing away with the traditional performance review, and connecting up with your favorite apps with the Insightly API.