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As we begin 2017, we’re celebrating the new year by reflecting on highlights from 2016 and looking at what’s in store for the next 12 months.

How to Segment Your Traffic to Increase Leads

Traffic segmentation can transform your lead gen strategy by matching the right experience to the right person. Learn how to get started.

In 2017, It’s all About the Customer (and Automation)

There’s a lot of science involved in today’s sales practice. The teams that are most successful have embraced data-driven marketing and analytics.

Get More Value from Your Sales Projections

This week’s Turn It Up Tuesday is all about the fine art of forecasting for every aspect of your business. Enjoy!

15+ Tools and for Plug-and-Play Content Marketing 

Content Marketing Institute offers a plug-and-play marketing plan tool set to help you create a new strategy or improve your existing initiatives.

More Ways to Grow Your Blog’s Traffic Without Google Search

You have heard it before: don’t put all your traffic eggs in one basket. By diversifying (and not relying on Google), you can grow your audience.

Join Us for A Live Twitter Chat: Revamping Your Business

Join us on Wednesday, January 18th, for a live Twitter Chat with author, business consultant, and dynamic keynote speaker, Pamela Slim. #LoveYourCRM

Employ These 6 Clear Tips To Improve Your Mobile App

Having a mobile app for your business is not a matter of hiring someone to make one, then never looking at it again. To keep your customers happy, you need a sleek, perfectly functioning app. Always look for ways to improve your mobile app.

Get Back to Basics to Crush It in 2017

Discover why Copyblogger is getting back to basics and how we can all improve our digital marketing and content efforts — together.

Are your paid search ads making the right impression?

Impression share may not be the ultimate measure of paid search success, but columnist Jacob Baadsgaard shows how tracking this metric can lead to paid search improvements that can really boost your bottom line.