February 2017 ARCHIVE
Are You Abbreviating Your Sales Day?
This week's Turn It Up Tuesday takes a look at some best practices for using abbreviations in your sales communication, how to get a handle on your calendaring, and much more. Enjoy!
3 Powerful Tips To Get Your People Using Your CRM System
My company has implemented hundreds of customer relationship management (CRM) systems over the years and, without question, the number one obstacle that our clients have faced has been getting people, especially their salespeople, to use their system.
Business Tools We Love (And Recommend)
Every business needs a little help to run smoothly and efficiently. And while Insightly’s CRM is one of the best tools to help you keep track of everything, there are several others that come in handy. Many of the tools in this list integrate with Insightly, to save you time and effort.
5 Ways to Celebrate National Salesperson Day
In this day and age, it seems like there’s a holiday for everything. National Rubber Duckie Day, National Gum Drop Day, Tell a Fairy Tale Day – you name it, there’s probably a date dedicated to it. Perhaps one of the lesser known, but one of our favorites, is National Salesperson Day.
Project Planning: A Step by Step Guide
This project planning article provides a step-by-step approach to creating a simple project plan at the beginning of a project.
Taxation With Good Representation
This week's Turn It Up Tuesday offers some great advice on how to prepare yourself for tax season, how to automate your sales training, and more. Enjoy!
The 10 best computers of 2017: the best PCs ranked
Now with Dell's covert gaming rig, consider splashing out on one of the best PCs of 2017. Read the full article at: www.techradar.com
Why Employee Engagement is More Important Than Ever
Your employees are the foundation upon which your business is built. Without the right people in the right places, no company can hope to operate anywhere near potential.
Did You Show Your Customers Love on Valentine’s Day?
There’s no denying it: Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday. Every year, brands use February 14 as a catalyst for campaigns aimed to woo their customers, and depending on the details, they see varying levels of success.
Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!
This week's Turn It Up Tuesday examines the fine art of delegation, the benefits of keeping a journal, plus a whole lot more. Enjoy!