Why HBO’s Pied Piper Needed a CRM for Startups

HBO’s hit show Silicon Valley is a biting mockery, a satirical exaggeration of the very worst of everything about America’s entrepreneurial hotbed. But, it’s also a tale of everything that can, and often does, go wrong with a great idea when launching a start-up without a CRM. In the last season, we watched as Richard… Read More

10 Most Important CRM Reports & How to Use Them

With Insightly, you have nine core Legacy reports built into the platform to make managing your business easier. A few clicks and you’ll have a graph with the information you need. If the Legacy reports don’t provide enough information or are not specific enough to your business needs, you can create custom reports to meet all your needs.

Save Time & Increase Productivity with Workflow Automation

    There’s just never enough time in the day! From busy sales reps who are constantly trying to follow up with leads to project managers who are juggling multiple deadlines, we’re all familiar with this saying. We’d like to challenge you to think less about needing more time, and more about being efficient with the time… Read More

Turning Your Contact Management System Into A True CRM System

There’s a difference between high school and college, just like there’s a difference between the minor leagues and major leagues in baseball. Both represent a whole other level of performance. A high school diploma is good, but a college degree opens many more doors.

How to better market your small business

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5 Steps to Budget Smartly for Your Small Business

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What To Expect When Applying or Working for a Small Business – Small Business Can

Small businesses provide young career professionals with an excellent opportunity for growth, and experienced veterans with unparalleled leadership potential. A sole proprietorship, corporation or partnership qualifies as a small business based on the average number of employees in the past year and average of annual receipts over the past three … Read the full article at: www.smallbusinesscan.com

How To Choose The Right Pricing Model for Your Small Business

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Best practices for Working With Outsourced Writers

There comes a time in every business’s life when it realizes it can’t get everything done by itself. Hiring more help may be a solution, but what if the job is smaller, or it’s a one-off project, like writing a white paper or snapping a few pictures? The solution is of course to hire a freelance writer or designer, though for some reason this is never as easy as it sounds.

Why Small Business Owners Need Good Legal Counsel

Small business owners have enough to worry about these days. That’s why legal counsel is a must for small businesses that want to survive.