October 2017 ARCHIVE
Dreamforce 2017 Eat & Drink Guide
Convention center concessions never win Michelin stars for their wallet extortion beer, shrink-wrapped limp lettuce sub sandwiches, blowfish-puffed chip bags, and hockey puck cookies.  Dreamforce may boast best-in-class swag, but you can’t chew on stress balls, chapstick or organic cotton socks. Don’t hold your caffeine fix hostage to metallic coffee carafes at break-out sessions. Rebel ... Read More
Why Insightly is Like Having Your Own Business Intelligence Internet
The web fuels your company with the timely information and business intelligence you need to stay competitive. When are our estimated quarterly taxes due this year? How will the new privacy regulations affect how we interact with customers? Which software is the best fit for our exact needs and budget? In which social media groups ... Read More
6 Signs It’s Time to Switch from Spreadsheets to a CRM
Your business is doing well. Sales are up and clients seem happy. In the back of your mind, however, something has been bothering you lately. It’s your sales process. Since opening your doors, you’ve always relied on spreadsheets for managing the pipeline. Leads in one spreadsheet, customers in another. You even have spreadsheets to track ... Read More
Putting the Relationship Back into CRM
Find out what enterprises can do to go beyond sales force automation to create profitable and sustainable relationships. Since its inception in the late 90’s, the proponents of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and its community, have been promising a new nirvana of customer centricity. They have been working hard to build software platforms and social ... Read More
10 Creative Ways to Use Insightly CRM Voice Notes
Have you ever tried using the Insightly audio notes feature? If not, you’re definitely missing out. Insightly allows you to record up to 60 minutes of audio per file. Voice notes can be linked to contacts, organizations, leads, opportunities, and projects. Best of all, free and paid users alike can access this feature. So, what ... Read More