CRM Gift Guide for Your Sales Reps
Your sales reps add a ton of value to your business. With your sales department playing such an instrumental role, you might want to consider giving them an extra special gift this holiday season. No, I’m not talking about a premium subscription to the ‘jelly of the month’ club. I’m talking about turbocharging your CRM. ... Read More
5 CRM Best Practices for Insightly (Part 2)
This is part 2 of a 3 part blog series. Part 2 provides you with guidance on managing duplicate records and bring best practices together with a worksheet to help implement processes in Insightly CRM. Part 3 will explore dashboard reporting.  Part 1 provided a technical overview of backup, security and support CRM best practices. ... Read More
6 CRM Integrations to Use More in 2018
In this post, we’ll explore six CRM integrations for Insightly worth trying in 2018. Your CRM is doing some amazing things these days. In addition to tracking all of your leads, contacts, sales opportunities, and tasks, you’ve even deployed a few outside-the-box project pipelines. Yes, your CRM sure is a vital asset for your business. ... Read More
5 CRM Best Practices for Insightly (Part 1)
This is part 1 of a 2 part blog series. Part 1 provides a technical overview of backup, security and support CRM best practices. Part 2 will provide you with guidance on managing duplicate records and bring best practices together with a worksheet to help implement processes in Insightly CRM. Data integrity is key to ... Read More
10 Outside-the-Box Ways to Use Project Pipelines
When you think of the word “pipeline,” what comes to mind? If you’re like most business owners, you probably think of the sales process. Leads, opportunities, and new customers are all top of mind. Although sales pipelines are vital to any company, a “project pipeline” can be equally useful from an operations standpoint. If you’ve ... Read More
8 CRM Features You Might Not Be Using
We all love Insightly. That’s a given. And, for sales-driven companies like yours, Insightly’s CRM features can be a real lifesaver. Contact management, opportunity tracking, and your Insightly mailbox help you close more deals with less effort. Though you’re already getting value from Insightly, you might be missing out on some lesser-known features. In this ... Read More
6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Delegating Work at the Office
A project management tool, such as Insightly, can certainly make the delegating work at the office process much easier. Of course, that statement depends on your team’s approach to using the software. No matter how amazing a tool might be, “garbage in” almost always results in “garbage out.” With this in mind, it’s usually a ... Read More
Why Baseball and Sales Have a Lot in Common
“No thanks, we’ve decided to stick with our current vendor.” Such words are never easy for a sales rep to hear. Despite your hours of preparation, proposals, and in-person meetings, the prospect decided your solution wasn’t the right fit. Was it something you said? Could you have done something differently? How did you not see ... Read More
The best of Insightly just got better
New and long-time Insightly users to the customer relationship management platform, recently experienced the latest version of Insightly’s CRM.  From the introduction of visual Kanban drag-and-drop boards to customized list views, customers rave about a variety of product UI and enhancements. Learn more about Insightly’s CRM by attending our upcoming CEO-lead webinar on Wednesday, November ... Read More
Dreamforce 2017 Eat & Drink Guide
Convention center concessions never win Michelin stars for their wallet extortion beer, shrink-wrapped limp lettuce sub sandwiches, blowfish-puffed chip bags, and hockey puck cookies.  Dreamforce may boast best-in-class swag, but you can’t chew on stress balls, chapstick or organic cotton socks. Don’t hold your caffeine fix hostage to metallic coffee carafes at break-out sessions. Rebel ... Read More
Why Insightly is Like Having Your Own Business Intelligence Internet
The web fuels your company with the timely information and business intelligence you need to stay competitive. When are our estimated quarterly taxes due this year? How will the new privacy regulations affect how we interact with customers? Which software is the best fit for our exact needs and budget? In which social media groups ... Read More
6 Signs It’s Time to Switch from Spreadsheets to a CRM
Your business is doing well. Sales are up and clients seem happy. In the back of your mind, however, something has been bothering you lately. It’s your sales process. Since opening your doors, you’ve always relied on spreadsheets for managing the pipeline. Leads in one spreadsheet, customers in another. You even have spreadsheets to track ... Read More
Putting the Relationship Back into CRM
Find out what enterprises can do to go beyond sales force automation to create profitable and sustainable relationships. Since its inception in the late 90’s, the proponents of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and its community, have been promising a new nirvana of customer centricity. They have been working hard to build software platforms and social ... Read More
10 Creative Ways to Use Insightly CRM Voice Notes
Have you ever tried using the Insightly audio notes feature? If not, you’re definitely missing out. Insightly allows you to record up to 60 minutes of audio per file. Voice notes can be linked to contacts, organizations, leads, opportunities, and projects. Best of all, free and paid users alike can access this feature. So, what ... Read More
6 Reasons to Stop Using Your Inbox as a To-Do List
Whether we’ll admit it or not, our inboxes can be addictive. After all, checking email is as easy as tapping an app or refreshing a web browser. Is there a new and exciting business opportunity waiting for you? Will your web developer finally send an update on the shopping cart project? Is your realtor ever ... Read More
Why Data Silos are Bad for Business
Growing up in rural Indiana, I’ve seen many silos in my lifetime. In case you’ve never been to the heartland, farmers typically use silos to store silage (feed for dairy cattle and other animals). Silos are often sealed airtight to control moisture levels and prevent pests. Where am I going with this discussion? How do ... Read More
6 Tips for Building a More Collaborative Virtual Team
Big businesses aren’t the only ones benefitting from virtual teams. Thanks in large part to freelance marketplaces, such as Upwork.com, traditional brick-and-mortars, mom and pops, and startups are now able to rapidly staff up with team members from across the globe. Although virtual teams offer a number of tangible benefits to your business, they do ... Read More
Bedrock Data Announces Sales and Marketing Automation System Integration with Insightly
On the heels of Insightly’s announcement of a major release of its CRM featuring a redesigned technical architecture and user interface that helps sales team improve productivity, Bedrock Data is now featured as an Insightly integration service. They offer successful marketing automation system integration of Insightly with some of the top software used by companies ... Read More
How to Measure Customer Relationships with a CRM
You know your business needs to build long-term customer relationships to succeed. So, you implement a CRM to help manage the process company-wide, watch the data start flowing in, and wait. And wait. And wait. Unless you’re paying attention to the right metrics, you may never figure out whether your customer relationships are growing the ... Read More
How to Scale Your Content Engine with Insightly
Managing content isn’t easy, especially when you have plans to scale your operation. Without a rock-solid process, the addition of new topics and writers will only compound the issue. Before you can expand, you need to invest in the process itself. In this post, I’ll show how it’s possible to optimize your content workflow by ... Read More
Delivery: The Culmination of Your Sales Cycle
“We deliver on our promises.” You’ve probably heard companies that tout similar mottos. On the surface, this type of tagline can almost seem clichéd. Clichés aside, delivering on promises is a fundamental part of being in (and staying in) business. Unfortunately, some companies mistakenly focus too much effort on their sales pipelines at the expense ... Read More
Time Management Secrets for Marketing Consultants
time management for consultants
Time management secrets are essential for marketing consulting success. Right-brained or left-brained? Creative or analytical? Strategic or tactical? Marketing consultants have a fine line to walk between ideation and execution. On one hand, we must continuously develop innovative ideas that keep clients ahead of competitors. On the other hand, we also must be highly efficient in the ... Read More
5 Smart CRM Shortcuts to Impress Your Clients
Consultants are in the business of looking smart in the eyes of our customers. (Whether we are actually smart might be somewhat debatable!) With client priorities dictating every waking moment, consultants can sometimes fall into the trap of overlooking their own business workflows. Although it’s important to keep your customers top of mind, it’s also wise ... Read More
5 Time-Wasting Business Habits & How to Avoid Them
Time goes by much too quickly. As the leader of a growing business, you know this to be all too true. Days and weeks continue to zip by in a flash, and your strategic priorities seem no closer to implementation. Although you can’t slow down time, you can identify time-wasting habits that may have formed ... Read More
Why Closed-Won is Just the Beginning of Business
closed won sales cycle
Closing a big deal can be very satisfying.  It’s dinner and drinks all around when the stage of the deal is changed to 100% (closed=won). The hard work you’ve invested in prospecting, follow up, proposals, and negotiation have culminated in this highly anticipated moment. Time to sit back and relax, right? Wrong! In fact, for ... Read More
Exceptional Service Management: 5 Skills for Strong Customer Connections
You’re invited to join us on Thursday, May 23rd from 8 – 9 AM PT, for “Managing for Exceptional Service: 5 Skills Your Team Needs Now to Create Strong Customer Connections”. This Insightly Insider Discussion series will be hosted by Marilyn Suttle and Lori Jo Vest, Customer Service Experts and co-authors of “Who’s your Gladys” and “Taming Gladys”. ... Read More
How to Convert Insightly into a Lead Gathering Machine
Sales Lead CRM Machine
Your marketing efforts are really starting to pay off. You’re a lead gathering machine. Each passing week brings in a record-setting lead volume, far exceeding your own expectations. Best of all, there’s not one particular lead source that is overly dominant. Everything you’re doing seems to be working, and that includes organic web search, paid ... Read More
Why HBO’s Pied Piper Needed a CRM for Startups
silicon valley HBO cast crm for startups
HBO’s hit show Silicon Valley is a biting mockery, a satirical exaggeration of the very worst of everything about America’s entrepreneurial hotbed. But, it’s also a tale of everything that can, and often does, go wrong with a great idea when launching a start-up without a CRM. In the last season, we watched as Richard ... Read More
10 Most Important CRM Reports & How to Use Them
With Insightly, you have nine core Legacy reports built into the platform to make managing your business easier. A few clicks and you’ll have a graph with the information you need. If the Legacy reports don't provide enough information or are not specific enough to your business needs, you can create custom reports to meet all your needs.
Save Time & Increase Productivity with Workflow Automation
    There’s just never enough time in the day! From busy sales reps who are constantly trying to follow up with leads to project managers who are juggling multiple deadlines, we’re all familiar with this saying. We’d like to challenge you to think less about needing more time, and more about being efficient with the time ... Read More