April 2018 ARCHIVE
Converting Sales Intelligence into Stellar Software Features
As the founder of a successful software company, I’m sure you’d agree that some of your most impactful feature ideas have originated as customer requests. And, with thousands of users relying on your app each day, it’s safe to say that you never run short of ideas. The big question is this: What’s the best ... Read More
Why Businesses Need Business Intelligence
If you’re like me, you probably spend a considerable amount of time reading blog articles, perusing whitepapers, and watching webinars. To remain competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment, we have no other option than to try and stay one step ahead. (Thankfully, there’s an infinite number of educational resources online to help us achieve that ... Read More
7 Things Consultants Would Rather Do than Work on Taxes
Certified public accountants aren’t the only ones feeling stressed this time of year. Consultants (like me!) and business owners of all types are doing their best to close out last year‘s books, get feedback from their accountants, and file accurate returns. In my experience, preparing for April 15th (or, as this year’s calendar falls, April ... Read More
Create the CRM playbook of your dreams
You’ve taken the first step in the right direction by getting a CRM like Insightly onboard. If you want your sales team to get the most out of their CRM you need to make sure there are clear guidelines in place in the form of a CRM playbook. Not having a playbook which maps out ... Read More