SAN FRANCISCO – Insightly, a leading online customer relationship management application (CRM) for small and growing businesses, today announced new workflow automation and mobile features to help customers streamline business and reach new levels of productivity. The ability to automate internal processes through scheduled actions, personalized template correspondences and custom project functions complements Insightly’s recent lead routing and productivity enhancements for the company’s mobile CRM application.

Time and bandwidth are invaluable resources for all businesses, and workflow automation helps sales and marketing professionals reclaim both by automatically completing manual tasks. Instead of requiring an employee to manually update all the fields for a new sales opportunity, Insightly’s workflow automation tool completes this automatically, allowing representatives and managers to spend more face- time with customers. While other CRMs offer workflow automation, most solutions do not offer it a price point accessible to small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

“Insightly’s new workflow automation feature is reducing our employees’ work time and increasing the consistency of our customer experience,” said Erin Mathie, owner at Business Made Simple. “It also allows us more face time with customers by taking over some of the more time-consuming back-end tasks associated with CRM. We use workflow automation to ensure that our CRM is updated, to automatically generate and send emails, to notify supervisors of changes, and to manage projects.”

In addition to workflow automation, Insightly’s mobile apps now offer push notifications on task reminders and the ability to receive email notifications on any record as updates occur. The mobile features also offer complete access and search capabilities for notes and files stored in third-party systems, like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, PandaDoc and Evernote, and an offline mode to view and search data without internet access.

“The right CRM can make an enormous bottom-line difference for SMBs, but not if the benefits are buried under tedious manual requirements,” said Anthony Smith, founder and CEO of Insightly. “Insightly’s workflow automation delivers on the promise of business productivity and efficiency. From any location, growing businesses can automate notifications, emails and administrative tasks, giving them the freedom to focus on strategic priorities and build meaningful relationships with customers.”

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