Insightly, a leading online customer relationship management (CRM) application for small and growing businesses, today announced that manufacturing professionals worldwide rely on its CRM platform to improve operations, aid in supplier communications and manage end customers. Hundreds of manufacturing professionals, from large and small businesses alike, use Insightly to overcome organizational and client management challenges. As a result of implementing CRM, users experienced improved efficiency, customer satisfaction and productivity.

Using a third-party survey company, Insightly surveyed 465 manufacturing professionals worldwide to identify their top project management and sales challenges. Survey findings include:

Sixty-two percent of respondents cited organizing information as their top challenge.
Forty-nine percent noted managing clients and suppliers as the challenge they need the most help to overcome.
Team collaboration, cited by nearly 34 percent of respondents, rounds out the top three pain points.

With customer data readily available, manufacturers can provide suppliers, distributors and contacts with improved, personalized service, simplifying information management and improving communications. Survey findings include:

Almost 90 percent of manufacturers saw productivity increase by at least 10 percent with Insightly.
Thirty-one percent boosted productivity by more than half.
More than half improved sales by up to 50 percent after using a CRM.

CRM solutions improve the flow of any sales pipeline, and enhanced reporting and data organization provides users with oversight into the day-to-day health of their companies.

“Manufacturers need to meet the high standards of not only the end customer, but also suppliers and partners, so time is a coveted resource. Technology that is intuitive and easy to use makes the biggest impact on the business,” said Anthony Smith, founder and CEO of Insightly. “Insightly CRM combines the operational simplicity needed to increase sales and enhance client service, providing manufacturers with a tool that is immediately effective.”

Here’s what customers have to say about Insightly:

“This is the first time we have been able to input all of our customers into a functioning database that is easily accessible no matter what type of equipment we’re utilizing ‐ whether it’s an iPad, a PC or even an outside-source device,” said Johnny Taylor, owner of Florida Coast Air Conditioning, a heating and cooling service provider. “Insightly has been absolutely tremendous in securing and improving our return-business and qualifying us as a company that will be around for a long time.”

Bennie Harding, sales manager of V&R Auto Group Sales, a general automotive repair shop, said, “Previously, there was no supplier or customer information available at our company. When I started working here, I had to compile all the information from multiple sources. Now, with Insightly, all the data is available in one place, saving us time looking up the information and also allowing new employees to be completely up to date.”

“Insightly has given our company the ability to take the archaic process we’ve had in place for years and breathe new life into it,” said Tim Cibene, procurement manager at PLAE, a sports performance company. “We now collaborate company-wide through Insightly by joining our sales and operations team together. The CRM has greatly increased internal communication and efficiency.”

Ryan Ching, managing partner at Essential Flavours, a food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals supplier for Australia, New Zealand and Asia, said, “I can’t imagine not having our CRM solution. It takes no time at all to find contacts and other pertinent information to see which sales and opportunities we’ve had in the past year, and how many opportunities we’ve converted to sales. Insightly is such an integral part of what we do that it’s almost an instinct at this point.”
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