CRM for growing businesses helps overcome project management challenges and produces ROI in less than three months, according to survey results

SAN FRANCISCO Insightly, a leading online customer relationship management application (CRM) for small and growing businesses, today announced that advertising and media businesses worldwide rely on its CRM platform to manage projects and clients, improve collaboration and productivity, and increase sales and revenues. More than 5,000 marketing and creative services businesses, such as Two70, Edge One Media and Full Chair Digital, are using Insightly to overcome project management and sales challenges. As a result, Insightly users are experiencing improved client satisfaction, more sales and higher revenues.

Insightly surveyed nearly 400 creative professionals and business owners in marketing, communication, design, advertising, media and creative agencies worldwide to identify their top project management and sales challenges. Sixty-four percent of respondents cited organizing information as their top challenge, while 50 percent noted managing clients as the challenge they most need help to overcome. Project management, cited by nearly 40 percent of respondents, rounds out the top three pain points.

Rather than using multiple tools, such as spreadsheets, email and Google apps, to address each concern, creative businesses are solving their challenges and reaping greater rewards with Insightly CRM. Company owners and creative professionals using Insightly report significant improvements across the board, including improved collaboration across departments (36 percent) and customer responsiveness (44 percent). Additionally, more than 60 percent report a 10 to 49 percent increase in sales, and nearly 75 percent saw a return on investment (ROI) in their CRM in less than three months.

“For growing businesses in the marketing industry, the challenges of juggling multiple projects, prospecting for new business and managing everything a business entails, such as payroll, billing and service, can be overwhelming and can put client satisfaction at risk,” said Anthony Smith, founder and CEO of Insightly. “With its intuitive interface, robust contact and leads management, and built-in project management capabilities, Insightly is helping creative services professionals and business owners run their businesses better.”

Insightly helps media, advertising and marketing companies manage contacts and interactions across various channels, empowering a comprehensive customer experience from lead to loyalty. Insightly’s automated workflows, task management and internal collaboration improves productivity, and helps creative professionals communicate and stay on track with projects and sales. With Insightly’s new lead assignment rules, creative professionals can also automatically distribute after they’re entered into the system, improving the speed and accuracy of the entire sales process. Integrations with leading business tools, such as Google Apps, QuickBooks Online, MailChimp, Xero Accounting and others, make it easy for creative services professionals to manage every facet of their business within Insightly. Lastly, Insightly is now service organization controls 2 (SOC2) compliant, further ensuring security and privacy for customer data.

Here’s what customers have to say about Insightly:  

“Insightly has allowed our sales and production teams to integrate more effectively into a working unit. Our staff is often not together, so the automated workflows, task management and general account information are integral when it comes to managing our projects. It’s hard to imagine living without it,” said Nicholas De Salvo, owner of Edge One Media, a marketing and design agency in Portland, Oregon. “Insightly has become an integral part of our business and allows us to stay organized and in touch with our clients easily.”

Aaron Yates, owner of photography and videography company,, said, “The biggest way we use Insightly is to help with customer service. Someone calls about a project, and anyone on the team can check progress. Also, I’m frequently away from my employees, so I can task them with work without being physically present and keep up with the progress on the go. Finally, we had a hard time meeting deadlines because there wasn’t one single place to store that information – now we always meet deadlines.”

Lawrence O’Connor, owner of Full Chair Digital, a digital marketing firm that focuses on storytelling for online service companies, said, “Organization and client relationship management is everything when running as a solo entrepreneur. Insightly allows me to keep a tight focus on where clients are in the funnel and stay top of mind while integrating with my favorite software.”

Chase Clymer, founder of digital marketing agency, Two70, reports Insightly has improved his ability to manage projects across departments and has increased productivity by 75 percent. Clymer said, “Using Insightly has increased productivity and awareness of project status across the board. I feel a lot more comfortable working on more projects at once because all the information is in the same place so nothing gets forgotten.”

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