From Chaos to Control: How Insightly Helps Advertising & Media Companies Succeed

Using TechValidate, an independent third-party survey company, Insightly surveyed over 300 real creative professionals working in marketing, communication, design, advertising and media across the globe. The results reveal how these organizations use CRM and project management to solve their biggest problems – including collaboration, organization customer information, productivity, difficulty managing projects and many more. See how a CRM helps these businesses become more streamlined, more efficient, more productive and more profitable. Insightly helps these businesses run better. How can we help you?

Before using a CRM, surveyed customers reported issues in their daily workflow:

  • 64% had difficulty organizing information
  • 38% had difficulty managing projects
  • 50% had difficulty managing clients

Survey respondents noticed these improvements after implementing Insightly:

  • 44% Better customer service/customer responsiveness
  • 38% Easier to manage projects across departments
  • 36% Increased ability to collaborate across teams and departments
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