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Why choose Insightly

The new digital era of customer relationships requires new ways of thinking and engaging with customers. In order to build lifelong customer relationships, compete, and succeed, you need a modern, unified customer relationships management (CRM) system that provides access to accurate and actionable customer data and aligns sales, marketing, and service teams around the customer journey. Insightly CRM was built with this need in mind.

Keep reading to learn why Insightly is the best Hubspot alternative for mid-sized businesses looking for easy-to-use, yet powerful CRM solutions that include marketing automation.

Why is Insightly the best Hubspot CRM alternative?

Unified CRM for team alignment

Built from the ground up with the latest technology, Insightly is a modern unified CRM that provides businesses of all sizes and industries with secure, flexible, and scalable sales, marketing, and delivery solutions all in one place, removing the need for costly integrations, endless data clean-up, and workarounds.

Advanced CRM capabilities that grow with your sales force

Unlike Hubspot, Insightly offers advanced CRM functionalities, such as custom objects and apps; dynamic page layouts; price, product, and quote books (PPQ); lambda functions; workflow automation; advanced analytics, and more. These capabilities allow companies of all sizes to grow their sales force and the entire customer management system with ease, power, and reliability at every step.

State-of-the-art data analytics & reporting to make better decisions & build meaningful customer relationships

In contrast to HubSpot, Insightly’s advanced analytics and reporting engine allows users to go beyond canned reports and views to easily analyze, visualize, and share all customer insights in real-time—from the first touch throughout the entire customer journey.

Dashboards are fantastic. Insightly has essentially replaced our need for Power BI by delivering visually engaging dashboards directly within the user interface. Features like custom fields, workflow automation, email templates, record linking, and advanced reporting have helped us grow, and they’ll continue to do so in the future.

Nell Jungels,
Director of IT, Bright Planet Solar

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The Insightly advantage


Scale, flexibility, security, and powerful CRM capabilities—including marketing automation—out of the box. Extend and customize Insightly to your specific industry and business needs and team preferences.


Simple and intuitive UI. Minimal training and ramp-up time. Easily integrate your CRM into every team’s daily work and existing business processes.

Unified approach

All teams, one database. No manual syncing. No data silos. Centralize your sales, marketing, and delivery data in one place and align teams around the customer journey.


Clear and straightforward pricing. Always know what you’re paying for, when, and why. No hidden costs. No need to hire third parties to help you implement and manage the system.


Use Insightly’s advanced analytics and reporting engine to go beyond basic canned reports and easily analyze, visualize, and share all customer insights. Create reports and dashboards that make sense for your unique business needs, and show what’s working and what’s not, so you can focus on doing everything possible to grow your business.

Superior customer support

From data migration to onboarding to user training and ongoing support, the Insightly team is there to ensure your success. Make the most out of Insightly and get your questions answered at any time, without the extra cost.

As a consulting firm, we need to maintain each customer’s data in one place from lead through project implementation. Being able to convert opportunities into projects is a major reason why we signed on with Insightly… As a group, we all love Insightly. Personally, I’m a huge fan of Insightly because it makes my life so much easier.

Roby Watters,
Sales & Marketing, Innovative Management Solutions

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Key takeaways


Insightly scales for no extra cost

With Insightly CRM you get all advanced CRM features, including relationship linking, advanced workflow automation, custom apps, project management, and advanced reporting and dashboards out of the box at a transparent upfront cost. As your business grows, the system scales with it.


Insightly has no hidden fees for customization

HubSpot CRM free version offers you only a basic contact database with a few pre-configured sales reports. You have to upgrade to Sales Hub and Marketing Hub to get the additional functionality, driving up costs to $1,000s a month. Or, like many HubSpot customers, you'll need to invest in (and integrate) a separate CRM or sales force automation platform to meet your growing business needs.


Insightly offers advanced customer analytics out-of-box

Even when you pay for a premium reporting package with HubSpot CRM, you still only get basic reporting and dashboard capabilities with few customization options. You will need additional analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools to analyze customer data and gain actionable insights. So, what may look like a cost-saving option at first, HubSpot’s “free forever” CRM turns into an unexpected high cost of doing business in the end.

Insightly is the number one platform and priority for our executives to scale our processes nationwide and get the customer insights we need to make improvements in our business.

Brian Pavlick,

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