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While there are many reasons to use a CRM, few are more important than increasing sales.

Revenue growth requires a consistent attention to process improvement. To streamline workflows, many companies are turning to mobile CRM applications. Is mobile CRM right for your business? Would using one actually move the sales needle?

In this post, I’ll share four reasons why a mobile-friendly CRM can have a positive impact on sales.

Opportunities Often Develop Outside of the Office

Stop to think about your average day. Unless you work from home, there’s a good chance that a noticeable percentage of your time is spent engaging clients in person.

Without the right technology, it can be difficult to keep everything organized. Your trusty yellow notepad, while better than nothing, has been known to fail you. There have been times when you couldn’t read your own writing. Other times, your assistant overlooked important opportunities when manually keying in data. There’s also the inherent productivity drain associated with transcribing handwritten notes.

A mobile CRM, on the other hand, reduces the administrative burdens of your current process. New contacts, leads, company records, and opportunities can be easily entered (or updated) with a few taps.


Stop waiting until you get back to the office; rather, input new information as you receive it. You’ll save time, minimize oversights, and yield better CRM value.

Meeting Agendas are Already Pre-Built
It’s never wise to show up unprepared for a customer meeting. Unfortunately, you’re a very busy person and preparation takes time. Time that you don’t have.

A mobile CRM can prove to be invaluable for meeting prep. This is especially true if your CRM facilitates record linking.

For example, Insightly CRM allows you to link opportunities to contacts and/or organizations. Instead of digging through emails, documents, and project management systems for a coherent agenda, you could simply pop open the Insightly mobile app. From there, click on the organization’s name and view the associated opportunities. Now you have a real-time list of topics to discuss with customers.

Best of all, there was no extra work required by you!

Customers Appreciate Personalization

You’re in business to make a profit. That’s a given. However, before you can make a profit, you must first build solid relationships with prospects.

Mobile CRM technology can help you achieve this goal by delivering a more personalized experience. In addition to managing basic name and contact details, your CRM should also help you quickly capture and recall important notes. Having the following at your fingertips can lighten the mood and show that you care:

  • Names of spouse & children
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Upcoming vacations
  • Service anniversaries
  • Community involvement
  • Pet peeves

Create close proximity to the customer tidbits you need most. You may be surprised by the positive feedback you receive.

Sometimes You Just Need a Cheat Sheet

There’s nothing worse than being unexpectedly pulled into a boardroom full of people – especially when you can’t remember their names.

Avoid this situation by carrying a pocket-sized CRM. Simply pull out your smartphone device, launch the app, filter by company, and browse associated contact records. No more scrambling through social media accounts or calendar invites.

Insightly users enjoy the added convenience of automatic photo matching. The system scours countless social media profiles, associating the person’s online profile pictures with the correct contact record. With Insightly, there’s no guessing which person is which. The visual confirmation you need is in the palm of your hand!


Take a Mobile Approach to CRM

If your current CRM system does not offer a convenient mobile option, it’s time you look elsewhere. Spend time researching which software receives the best reviews on the various app marketplaces. After a few days of testing, you might be surprised at the noticeable increases in productivity and customer satisfaction. In time, these improvements will most certainly lead to a more fruitful sales pipeline.



At Insightly, we offer a CRM used by small and mid-sized businesses from a variety of verticals. Learn about Insightly’s features and plans on our pricing page or sign up for a free trial.




Matt Keener is a marketing consultant and President of Keener Marketing Solutions, LLC. Matt specializes in content marketing and strategic planning, having helped numerous Saas (software as a service) companies and other small businesses worldwide. Read more of Matt’s work, check out his book, or connect with him on Linkedin.