Turn It Up Tuesday: Tips from Insightly to Take Your Business to 11

Welcome to Turn It Up Tuesday, where we bring you 4 weekly tips—a tip on running your business, a tip on using Insightly CRM, a tip on improving your sales, and a tip on improving your life. Enjoy this week’s tips!

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How to Set Up a Repeating Task

Sometimes, simply remembering to enter a task can be as challenging as completing the task itself.

Luckily, Insightly has a neat solution for this problem. When creating a task for yourself (or other team members), you can set it to repeat on a schedule that works for you. Here’s how to enable recurring tasks in Insightly.

Step 1: Open your task menu – From your computer or smartphone, log in to Insightly and click on the tasks menu option (it’s the one with the checkmark in a box). If you’ve never used this Insightly feature, it may look something like this:

Step 2: Create a new task – Click the red “new task” button. Adding a task is relatively straightforward. Get started by filling in the form fields with relevant information.

Step 3: Pick a due date – Here’s where the magic happens. Assign yourself a due date using the “date due” field. Once selected, you’ll notice the “repeats” field now appears under “additional information.”

Step 4: Define your recurrence pattern – Insightly offers a number of repeating options, ranging from daily to annually. Pick the one that best fits the particular task.

Step 5: Let Insightly create future assignments – After inputting the repeating task, navigate back to your task page. You should see the new task along with an upcoming due date. Once completed, check the box to the task’s right. Insightly will automatically create the next one on your behalf.



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Make a List of Stuff You Forget to Do

Speaking of recurring tasks, what are all the things you do on a regular basis? Do you find yourself forgetting to do some of them? To keep things running smoothly, you have a lot of responsibilities to juggle. You’re only human, which unfortunately means that some things occasionally slip through the cracks.

With the topic of repeating tasks fresh in your mind, now is a great time to get everything into Insightly.

Here are a few ongoing tasks you might consider putting on autopilot:

For business owners

  • Monthly accounting work
  • Payroll activities
  • Reviewing website analytics
  • Writing new blog content
  • Quarterly estimated taxes
  • Budgeting
  • Year-end tax work
  • Paying sales tax
  • Invoicing clients
  • Prioritizing new product ideas
  • Spending time on recruiting
  • Comparing forecasts vs. actual demand

For sales reps

  • Reaching out to stale leads
  • Cold calling
  • Submitting your work hours
  • Preparing expense reports
  • Updating opportunity revenue forecasts & probability information
  • Circling back on proposals you’ve made
  • Ensuring your bonus has been accurately paid on time
  • Asking customers to leave online reviews
  • Making time for ongoing continuing education

By automating the creation of tasks like these, you can free your mind to focus on more value-added activities. And, in time, you may find that doing so reduces the likelihood of forgetting an important activity.


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Track Your Loved Ones’ Birthdays

Your business isn’t the only thing that has a definitive ebb and flow. Many aspects of your personal life also happen in predictable patterns. Paying the bills, driving the kids to school, and checking social media are just a few things you do as reliably as the sun’s rising.

Although you do many things without prompting, it’s common to overlook the things that happen less frequently. A good example? How about remembering your loved ones’ birthdays.

Sure, it’s easy to remember your spouse’s and kids’ birth dates. Those are etched into your psyche. But what about your widowed grandmother who lives a few states away? Or, how about your great-uncle Roy who always appreciates a friendly call?

Spend time making a list of your important friends and family members. If you don’t know someone’s birthday, ask around until you have the right information. For starters, spreadsheets can be a good place to keep this information. Or, if you’re an Insightly user, you could enter a repeating task for each person’s birthday. Add a “reminder” to receive an email on each person’s special day.

Now, you’ll never miss another birthday. In addition, your friends and family will be blown away by your thoughtfulness!


Create a More Inquisitive Sales Culture

Managing salespeople can sometimes feel like herding cats. With so many moving parts, simply staying up-to-date on deal statuses can be a full-time job, leaving little time for professional development.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Our friend Adam Honig at the Spiro blog recently pointed out, “As the team leader, you are in the driver’s seat…You are a valuable resource to your sales reps. Take advantage of your sales experience and help drive the conversation in your weekly one-on-ones.”

So, how do you refocus sales rep conversations to be more productive?

Start by asking the right questions. Rather than just asking for a rundown of the hottest deals, shake things up. For example, try kicking off your next meeting by asking how you can lend assistance on stuck deals. You might even offer to join the rep on a sales call or two for added support. Remember, you hold your position for good reason. Your industry and customer knowledge is unparalleled and should be put to good use whenever possible.

It’s also wise to encourage your sales team to bring their questions to meetings, too. The conversation should never be one-sided. You’re all on the same team and pursuing a common goal. With both parties asking the right questions, you’ll arrive at a much more fruitful meeting outcome.






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About the author: Matt Keener is a marketing consultant and President of Keener Marketing Solutions, LLC. Matt specializes in content marketing and strategic planning, having helped numerous Saas (software as a service) companies and other small businesses worldwide. Read more of Matt’s work, check out his book, or connect with him on Linkedin.