On the heels of Insightly’s announcement of a major release of its CRM featuring a redesigned technical architecture and user interface that helps sales team improve productivity, Bedrock Data is now featured as an Insightly integration service. They offer successful marketing automation system integration of Insightly with some of the top software used by companies worldwide.

Bedrock Data allows Insightly customers to setup a multi-directional integration between Insightly and one or more systems, to ensure consistent customer and prospect data across the frontline systems in an organization.

Top integrations include Insightly and HubSpot; Insightly and Marketo; and Insightly and Pardot – all of which leverage Bedrock Data’s pre-built integrations to allow companies to setup and manage expert-level integrations with no code.

This helps extend the Insightly vision of building lifelong customer relationships, by serving prospects and customers with a well aligned experience across a company’s sales and marketing touchpoints.

Bedrock Data’s marketing automation system integrations help Insightly users in a variety of ways.

Marketing communicates to customers & prospects in the right way

The 1:1 relationship that companies are looking to build with customers, needs to extend to all marketing communications. To ensure companies communicate to their customers as customer (and not a brand new prospect “off the street”), and that those communications are tailored (based on their preferences, business factors such as industry or size, etc.), marketing needs that CRM data to be accurate, complete and up-to-date in marketing automation systems.

Salespeople are informed for conversations based on the customer’s interactions with marketing

A customer or prospect interacts with a company through many digital means – visiting the website, registering for a webinar, downloading content, reading emails. Providing salespeople with the right snapshot summary of marketing interactions helps them best prepare for an informed conversation with customers or prospects. Bedrock Data uses custom fields in Insightly to map in key marketing data, so that salespeople get the right summary information at their fingertips in the CRM system they are using every day. No extra clicks, no new interfaces to learn.

No delays in sales or SDR follow up with new prospects

There are many different ways a prospect can signal to a company that they want to engage. Some – like filling out a Contact Us form on a website – signal they want immediate engagement. A marketing automation-Insightly integration ensures that when prospects are ready to engage, that information is fed directly to sales reps or SDRs so they can take immediate action. When engaging with today’s modern, digital buyer, you definitely don’t want to be stuck uploading spreadsheets between systems to communicate – as that will only cause errors and delays.

Marketing has insight around effectiveness for making investment decisions

Marketing is a key conduit between a business and the lifelong relationships of their customers; making the right marketing investments based on what your customers appreciate, goes a long way towards furthering these relationships.

A marketing automation integration is at its best when feeding sales opportunity, pipeline and closed won data back from the CRM to marketing automation, to help marketing teams make decisions on their resources around what’s effective: answer questions such as: What types of initiatives are prospects responding to? What is leading to sustained growth and profitable return?

Bedrock Data feeds that data from Insightly based on the marketing automations – each which have their own way of using that data. For HubSpot, it’s a Lead Source reporting showing top sources of customers. For Marketo, it’s powering their Revenue Cycle Analytics reports around program effectiveness. And for Pardot, it’s the Customer Lifecycle Report.

Thanks to Bedrock Data, these are all now compatible with Insightly – with no code required to setup and manage the integration.

Interested customers can explore Bedrock Data’s Insightly connectors.