In this post, we’ll explore six CRM integrations for Insightly worth trying in 2018.

Your CRM is doing some amazing things these days. In addition to tracking all of your leads, contacts, sales opportunities, and tasks, you’ve even deployed a few outside-the-box project pipelines. Yes, your CRM sure is a vital asset for your business.

As helpful as your CRM has become to your business, you may have only scratched the surface. After all, Insightly integrates with more than 40 different web apps, many of which you’re probably using.

Slack Collaboration App

Since launching in 2014, the Slack app has achieved unbelievable growth. In fact, more than 9 million professionals in over 100 countries use Slack each week. Why has Slack become such a staple for businesses? Riding the popularity of the social media revolution, Slack simplifies communication and, frankly, makes it more enjoyable. For many companies around the world, Slack has become the central “hub” for anything worth talking about.

Insightly’s integration with the Slack platform creates a seamless bridge between digital office chatter and your CRM. If you’re an Insightly user (at the Plus plan or above), this integration allows you to do the following in Slack:

  • Search for records and add notes
  • Update opportunity states
  • Create new records
  • Add tasks with reminders
  • Stay in the loop with opportunity and project updates

To read best practices for using Insightly’s integration with Slack, click here.

Bedrock Data Integration Platform

Let’s be honest – your company uses a lot of different Saas (software as a service) tools. For starters, you obviously rely on Insightly for sales and project management. In addition, you also subscribe to an online webinar platform, email marketing system, and support ticketing software. And, if you’re even remotely involved with eCommerce, that’s probably just the tip of the iceberg. With so much of your customer information spread across disconnected online databases, keeping your records clean can be a challenge.

The Bedrock Data integration platform allows you to connect your various systems – without programming or developers. Once connected, you’ll be able to manage integrations from Bedrock Data’s intuitive dashboard. The system also takes deduplication off your to-do list by continuously checking for new updates.

Click here for a quick demo of the Bedrock Data solution.

JotForm Online Form Builder

Looking to automatically capture web leads in your CRM? Insightly’s web-to-lead form can be an excellent starting point. If that doesn’t meet your needs, you might want to consider a third-party platform, such as the JotForm platform. With more than 2.5 million users and 200 million form submissions to their credit, JotForm is a very reliable solution for today’s digital marketer.

Enabling Insightly’s integration to JotForm can be especially beneficial for companies with many landing pages. Clone, customize, and integrate forms to Insightly in a flash. The integration makes it easy to match form fields to those already in your CRM. JotForm even allows you to hide certain fields on your form (such as page or campaign-specific details), helping you achieve greater ROI from your marketing efforts.

Learn more about connecting Insightly to JotForm.

Quotient Quote Generator

Getting customers to “sign on the dotted line” isn’t always easy. That’s especially true when they can’t understand how to read your quote.

The Quotient app solves this problem, delivering an engaging quote directly to your prospect’s inbox. Once a quote is sent, Quotient lets you know when:

  • The lead has opened your quote
  • Follow up should occur next
  • Your quote has been accepted

Insightly’s integration with Quotient connects the dots between your proposals and contact records. As new quotes and acceptance emails occur, the integration ensures everything stays up to date in Insightly. Better quoting, better recordkeeping, happier customers.

Click here to read more about Insightly’s integration to the Quotient app.

Google Drive Online Storage Service

Companies of all sizes (big and small alike) leverage the Google Drive online storage service. Why? Well, for starters, Google Drive makes it so much easier to share and collaborate. Unlike traditional spreadsheets or documents, which must be emailed back and forth, Google Drive files are fully shareable with anyone. Better yet, everything is stored securely in the cloud, reducing the likelihood of information loss.

If you’ve used Insightly for very long, you may have noticed that the Google Drive icon is built into the “Files” section of your records. Enabling the integration only takes a few seconds (just click the icon to allow access). Once enabled, you’ll be one click away from your most important Google Drive files. Stop messing with multiple browser tabs – enable Insightly’s integration for Google Drive today.

Everhour Time Tracking Software

Wondering how much time your sales reps spend on administrative work (instead of selling)? Now you can find out by enabling Insightly’s integration for the Everhour app.

Everhour embeds natively into your Insightly account. As your sales associates follow up on leads and opportunities, the Everhour app tracks how much time was spent on what. Need to see which deal is consuming the bulk of your team’s time? Want to learn how many hours are spent on deals prior to close? With Everhour and Insightly, you’ll have the answers you’ve only dreamt of.

Continue reading about Insightly’s integration with Everhour.

Create a More Integrated CRM

Ready to make 2018 the year of integrations for your business? Get started today and try out the 40+ integrations available for Insightly CRM. Productivity, document management, email marketing, time tracking, and marketing automation are just a few of the more popular integration categories. You might be surprised by all of the possibilities!