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Talent matching platform connects 50,000 career-oriented women with progressive employers

More than 2.1 million working mothers live in Australia. Yet, according to industry reports, fewer than 10% of leadership roles at Australia’s top corporations are filled by females.

A major barrier to workforce re-entry involves schedule flexibility. Balancing the countless obligations of family life cause many to either delay re-entry or give up professional aspirations altogether.

The team at FlexCareers aims to provide a more flexible approach to work through its proprietary talent matching platform. The FlexCareers marketplace brings together progressive employers and talented, career-oriented women.

Just a few short years since its founding, the company has amassed some rather staggering accomplishments. At the top of the list is FlexCareers’ database of 50,000 registered job seekers and 1,500+ employers.

Kate Beattie Head Of Marketing

Finding the right mix

FlexCareers had relied on a variety of spreadsheets and in-house databases to track its many initiatives.

Slack is big at FlexCareers. We were excited to deploy Insightly’s opportunity tracking integration for Slack.

“For the first part of our company’s history, we didn’t have a CRM solution in place,” said Paula Billington, Head of Customer Success at FlexCareers.

“However, the organization quickly reached a point of maturity where the implementation of a CRM was the appropriate next step to take.”

Realizing the magnitude of the decision, Paula went to work assembling an in-depth list of desired CRM features and functionality.

“Price was certainly at the top of the list, but so were API integration, role management, and pipeline customization” Billington said.

With thousands of job seekers and employers logging in to the FlexCareers SaaS-based platform each day, the company was sitting on a mountain of important customer data. FlexCareer’s ideal CRM would offer a robust and dependable API, thereby automating record creation and updates. And, given the dynamic nature of this data, they also needed a way to restrict users from overwriting specific information.

After surveying the market and evaluating several other CRMs, the FlexCareers team made the decision to go with Insightly.

“Ultimately, Insightly’s attractive price point and suite of features ticked the most boxes for us,” Billington said.

Making the most of Insightly

“We leverage almost every Insightly feature,” Billington said. “Our sales team depends on Insightly opportunities to track interactions with new employers. Our virtual staff uses tasks to plan their work days. And, having real-time access to customer information via the API helps everyone do their jobs more effectively.”

Insightly is also changing how FlexCareers manages its internal priorities. For example, Paula’s colleague, Kate Beattie, who serves as Head of Marketing, relies on Insightly in her pursuit of maximizing campaign ROI and streamlining communication.

“Insightly makes it easy for everyone to know which projects are nearing completion,” Beattie said. “We’re configuring workflows to automate various tasks in the project pipeline. This type of automation reduces administrative work and lets us deliver more value, faster.”

Insightly essentially serves as a backlog for sequencing ideas before they’re moved into development.

FlexCareers has even begun using Insightly as a centralized location to capture software development ideas.

“Everyone at FlexCareers is already in Insightly, so why not use the system to collect feature requests?” Billington said. “Insightly essentially serves as a backlog for sequencing ideas before they’re moved into development.”

Efficiency through integration

“Slack is big at FlexCareers,” Billington said. “We were excited to deploy Insightly’s opportunity tracking integration for Slack. We’re even more excited about what that integration could do for us in the future.”

In addition, the sales and marketing teams are now utilizing Insightly’s integration to PandaDoc, a quoting and proposal software.

“The integration with PandaDoc works brilliantly,” Beattie said. “Marrying these two tools together will do wonders to streamline our sales and marketing processes.”

Scalable for the future

The FlexCareers team has big plans for the future – plans that no doubt include an increased usage of Insightly.

“Expansion into the United States, Asia-Pacific countries, and the UK seems like a natural fit for us,” Beattie said. “Of course, this type of expansion requires a very well thought-out strategy and project plan. Thankfully, we have Insightly to help us organize everything.”

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