There’s no denying it: Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday. Every year, brands use February 14 as a catalyst for campaigns aimed to woo their customers, and depending on the details, they see varying levels of success. However, whether your brand’s strategy is the equivalent of wine and roses or the forwarding last year’s e-card, this time of year is a good reminder to show customers some love for their presence and engagement throughout the year.

Below are a few creative ways to foster meaningful customer relationships, and show your customers some appreciation this Valentine’s Day:

Listen. It may sound simple – and it is. Your CRM system can track your customers’ social media accounts, and by tuning into their daily activity, you can learn which channels they prioritize, which customers know one another and which are planning to attend certain industry events. This intel can help your team tailor customer outreach strategies, set up in-person meetings and send messages that meet users on their preferred channels.

Diagnose and treat trends in your customer service. When a sales initiative or process isn’t paying off, you could write it off as a fluke. Or, you could use the data available in your CRM to better understand your customers’ behavior. By using keywords to filter customer service requests, you can identify common complaints and address them proactively, rather than waiting around for customers to bring issues to your attention.

Automate your to-do list (and focus on interactions). In every industry and every position, some tasks are simply more repetitive than others. Unfortunately, that can lead to errors, and in turn, such issues can send a message to your customers that you don’t seem to appreciate their business. Automating your workflow can dictate a set of actions when a new customer is added to your CRM system, such as a welcome email or special offer for that user, or trigger automated reminders that help your team customize the user experience for months and years to come.

Give a gift. This Valentine’s Day, think outside the box (of stale chocolates from the drugstore). Offer your customers a $10 gift card, a time-sensitive deal, a charity-matching opportunity or bonus points that apply to your loyalty program. Even on a Hallmark holiday like Valentine’s Day, a show of your appreciation that your customers can actually use will exceed their expectations, make a lasting impression and fulfill your goal of sharing the love.

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