You must be asking yourself, what is SOC Compliance and what does it mean for me? Well, SOC stands for Security Organization Controls and it is a security standard developed by the AICPA (The American Institute of CPAs). What this means for you is that Insightly has controls in place to ensure that your data is safe and secure and our SOC 2 certification proves it. For example, in practice, it means that:

  • When a new Insightly employee joins the company, there are background checks conducted to ensure they don’t pose a credible security risk.
  • When an Insightly employee leaves the company, there are safeguards to ensure that customer data is safe.
  • Insightly has reliable and credible business processes in place to resolve system problems that may compromise security.
  • Insightly has controls in place to prevent unauthorized third party access.

Not only is Insightly as a company SOC 2 compliant, but the data centers we use are also SOC 2 compliant. So, you can rest easy knowing that any risk of data breaches or system hacks is minimized because we care about your data’s security.