Turn It Up Tuesday: Tips from Insightly to Take Your Business to 11

Welcome to Turn It Up Tuesday, where we bring you 3 weekly tips—a tip on running your business, a tip on using Insightly CRM, and a tip on improving your life. Enjoy this week’s tips.

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The annual performance review may be going the way of the dinosaur. With big players like Accenture opting to forgo annual performance reviews in favor of regular one-on-one check ins with employees, it may be time to re-think your strategy. Regardless of the size of your workforce, it turns out that people are people and, according to Bob Anderson, senior human resources consultant at Strategic HR Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio, they prefer a higher touch (not to be confused with micromanagement) environment. “Employees want to know how they are doing,” said Anderson. “A lack of timely feedback and good dialogue with their managers can cause long-term issues and overall job dissatisfaction.”



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Get connected to Insightly integrations with API keys

Insightly continues to expand its integration offerings, including the recent release of the Xero integration. Before you get started taking advantage of the features of more than a dozen integrations—including DropBox, MailChimp, and Evernote—you need to locate your Insightly API key. An API key enables developers to integrate CRM functionality into virtually any system or application. To locate your API key:


  • Click the profile icon in Insightly and select User Settings.


  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and copy the API key, which is a long string of characters.


  • You can now paste the key into the application that you are connecting to!


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The Sweet Taste of Motivation

Who wouldn’t love some researched-based science as a reason to justify having a well-developed sweet tooth? Well it turns out that there are some very valid reasons why humans have long-since been chasing the “sugar high.” It can temporarily boost willpower and motivation. Research conducted at McMaster University shows that willpower can be severely drained when you use it to complete one task then move on to complete a completely different one.



The good news is yet another research study shows that just swishing a sugary beverage in your mouth and then spitting it out actually boosted the self-control and the willpower of participants to perform tasks such as brain teasers. While you may still feel a few pangs of guilt if choose to down the entire beverage, you can rest easy knowing that just a hint of sugar on your taste buds can give you the get up and go you need. That’s some good food (uh, sugar) for thought.


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About the author: Marta Bright is Insightly’s Content Manager. She’s been writing about the “business of technology” in the Silicon Valley for more than a decade.