social media etiquette


Last week we posted ‘How to Find that Sweet Social Media Spot for you Audience‘.  So we thought we’d follow up with some social media etiquette tips because once you find your sweet spot, you want to make sure that you approach it the right way.

Social networking has taken hold like never before and along with providing the proper content, one must know the right way and the wrong way to share, present, and push the content, which can all be referred to as social media etiquette.

How to be Facebook Polite

  • Facebook is 42% male and 58% female
  • Currently has 757 million daily active users
  • The average Facebook user has 250 friends
  • Canada is the most active country on Facebook!

Consider that it’s okay to update several times a day, but to space out your posts to every few hours. When you do post remember that Facebook is a social forum so respond to every comment good or bad.

The Pareto Principle also referred to as the 80-20 rule, states that for many events 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. This applies to Facebook as well, so entertain and inform your audiences first, sell to them second.

Facebook is all about engagement, so post entertaining content regularly and make them feel welcome on your page.

Twitter Tips

  • Twitter is 35% male and 64% female
  • Has 100 million daily users
  • 46% of Twitter users tweet once a day

Twitter is the mother ship of hashtags, so use them to your fancy but use them well.  Respond to question and comments as quickly as possible, like most social platforms Twitter is about engaging.  Don’t use all your characters so that your followers have space to retweet you.  Keep it positive!  Avoid sharing too much personal information; Twitter should be about relevant information that engages your followers. Twitter is there for quick and easy conversation, so keep your updates short and response times even shorter!

Google Plus

Google Plus is 63% male and 37% female

Always +mention users when commenting on their posts, and when sharing a post add your own comments to it first.

Compartmentalize your followers with Circles so that you can share targeted content to the correct groups. Aside from Circles, Google also offers the ability to format your posts. Take advantage of this and use it for style.


  • Instagram has 75 million daily users
  • 1.2 billion daily photo likes
  • 46% male and 54% female

Don’t ask people to follow you, its unprofessional.  Keep your posts clean and avoid selfies, food, and family photos.  If you want people to engage with your photos, engage with theirs. You get out what you put in.  Use hashtags appropriately.


  • 120 million daily users
  • 1.2 million products and services on LinkedIn
  • 37% male 63% female

First and foremost on what separates LinkedIn from other social networks, is that its primary purpose is to serve professionals in a professional setting. So keep your posts industry-related.  Use groups as place to contribute information, not as a place to promote your company. Personalize your connection requests, this isn’t Facebook, tell them why you’re connecting.


  • 16.1 million daily users
  • 20% male 80% female

Always link back to the original source and remember to give credit!  Don’t use images that have nothing to do with your clickthrough content to get more pins or clicks. You don’t want to come off as a spammer.  Pinterest is about curating content, but the most important thing on Pinterest is to make sure your links are in order, whether they lead to your own content or someone else’s.

Now that you know your manners on social media, go forth and socialize!  What about you?  Do you have any social media tips to share?  Insightly includes fully integrated social media information on your contacts.

About the Author:  Ivan Serrano is a web journalist and infographic designer from the Golden State. He specializes in social media, global business and technology. Ivan also loves to practice his photography and watch as much “Bay Area” sports games as he can.