Pretend you are still a kid planning to have a cool lemonade stand in the old neighborhood. Ultimately, this is a project that has a series of tasks. It is also hopefully funded by Mom (I mean the ROI was pretty incredible when you didn’t have any expenses, right). Now imagine utilizing a Project Management paired with powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to plan, execute, and evaluate that stand like the coolest kid on the block. 

With Insightly, quickly pull up the amount of supplies needed based on prior stand sales. You know your potential customers and how to get some new ones to come by. You learned from Facebook that your neighbor Mrs. Rodgers has her 6 grandkids in town, and you message her a special invite.  Your mom can also pull up the stats on her way to Costco. Your team is on the same page.  I mean she loves this stuff!  You get the idea. Technology has transformed the way we do business and the way we intentionally create our customer’s experience. 

Features of Insightly's Project Manager Software include:

  • Built-in Project Management Functions - Tasks, events, and milestones are defined and scheduled with corresponding email notifications
  • Powerful Data Organization, Integration and Automation - Users organize and manage contacts and organizations as customers, partners, coworkers, vendors, or suppliers 
  • Versatile Dashboard -  View on one page anything going on about the business

Just like dear old Mom, we are willing to work for nothing but love. Try any of our plans FREE for 14 days.