You love your clients. And, helping them achieve their goals is what you do best. 

However, as you've grown your business, it has become increasingly more difficult to keep it all organized. Where did this client hear about me? How much have I billed to that client so far this year? Which projects should I be working on right now? The questions never seem to end.

Luckily, Insightly CRM offers a suite of client management tools that you might find useful. With Insightly, you can get more done with less effort by:

  • Uploading all of your customers as "contact" records
  • Linking associated company and referral information
  • Tracking new deals as "opportunities"
  • Converting won opportunities to new "projects"
  • Setting recurring tasks (for activities such as invoicing)

Keep your clients happy by providing them better service. Sign up for an Insightly account and gain insight into the inner workings of your business. 

Get started with a 14-day trial of our client management app.