If you are running a small business, you are already a superhero. Now you just need to add some more super powers to your arsenal like a customer relationship management (CRM) program. Even super heroes have questions, like isn't a powerful CRM is going to be too expensive, complicated, and incompatible? 

Insightly's cloud based software was designed and built with small businesses in mind. The Cloud has changed the game and small businesses are no longer a damsel in distress.  Let's cut to the chase and answer the most common concerns about implementing a CRM for your small business:

  • How expensive is it? We offer plans that work well for small businesses that are completely free. Insightly's upgraded plans mostly run less than $50 a month per user.  Beyond the price of subscription, there are no hidden costs because the software is cloud-based. Users don’t have to worry about pricey consultants, programmers, or other service providers
  • Is it really compatible? The cloud has become the great equalizer of compatibility.  Insightly works with Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, QuickBooks Online, Xero, Dropbox, Box, MailChimp, Evernote, and more
  • Will it be too complex and take too long to set up? Again, the cloud has come to the rescue - Voila! -makes this fear almost completely irrelevant. There’s no need to install any software to get a modern CRM system up and running. Simply point their browser to the new system, set up logins, and get to work

Insightly offers a dynamic CRM, used by small and mid-sized businesses, without the unwanted challenges   Learn about all of Insightly’s features and plans and sign up for a free trial.