Remember the old rolodex? Well, frankly it's hard to fit in your pocket. No worries, we got an app for that! Contact management systems have come a long way baby. From hand written index cards, on a rotating spindle, to a CRM app that allows you to access critical contact information from anywhere.The cloud is the limit with Insightly.

Insightly contact management is a powerful tool to assist small businesses with the essential task of managing contacts, organizations, partners, suppliers, and vendors. Instantly capture a comprehensive picture of your contact at a glance. Our app allows you to take Insightly with wherever you go on whatever device.

With Insightly's CRM best practices, you view everything about a contact from:

  • Social Media Connections
  • Background
  • Email History
  • Opportunities in which they have participated
  • Important dates
  • Projects

Manage your contacts on the next level. Insightly is your digital, in the cloud, rolodex. Never underestimate the power of knowing your contact's again with Insightly.