Do you ever look around and think about George and Jane Jetson in their futuristic world with elaborate robotic gizmos and whimsical inventions? Did you ever think any of it would be true in your lifetime, or did you think we'd have to wait for their boy Elroy and daughter Judy to grow up. We carry around our mobile devices like they were an extension of our bodies and guess what? Mr. Spacely can get a hold of us anytime he wants.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs often misjudge the benefits of maintaining mobile connectivity when the bulk of online tasks are generally done on a singular device. However, the growing popularity of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scene shows how mobile maintenance can boost small business.

Insightly customers access their CRM on the go and:

  • Check their calendar and events
  • Dial in to conference call
  • Quickly review contact details before a meeting
  • View a day’s agenda

The Insightly mobile app for iPad allows you to take Insightly on the road with you. Our mobile team continually updates our apps to keep our customers’ productivity and efficiency improving with every release. Don't get left behind with the Flinstones. Try our 14 day free trial.