Did anyone ever say to you "Get with Program"? With so many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs out there, it can be a real challenge to know which one is the best for your unique organization. If your business is growing, you can’t ignore that you need a CRM solution that will scale easily as your company grows. Insightly is the #1 small business customer relationship management (CRM) program used by over 650,000 users around the world.

It takes a lot more to manage teams than just telling everyone to please work together. Sure, you can require regular updates but that's not enough to keep everyone on task as a team. CRM software gives you tools to manage group efforts and maximize efficiency. Project managers can facilitate collaboration to make sure expectations are crystal clear.

Insightly makes it easy to:

  • Follow projects so you get up to date notifications on project updates
  • See all activity on the project
  • Track general project information including status and project owner
  • Track every stage of the project with a pipeline
  • Easily change pipeline stage as work is completed and milestones are met
  • Link this project to your customer contact, organization, or opportunity

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