What if you gave yourself a letter grade for each of the following questions. What is the status of our sales opportunities? What is the status of open quotes? What has our sales team been up to this week? What percentage of quotes have we closed? What sales did we lose and why? With Customer Relationship Management (CRM) reports by Insightly, we help you get straight A's!

Part of running a business is tracking information to understand what’s working and what isn’t. The data stored in a CRM gives valuable insight into the sales process for both sales teams and business owners. According to small business expert Gene Marks, there are an infinite number of ways to review sales data, but some give you a best progress report.

These key Insightly reports provide a clear view of the health of your business:

  • Sales Pipeline
  • Aged Quotes
  • Detailed Call Report
  • Batting Average
  • Lost Sales Report
  • Open Issues Report

Are you ready for a 4.0 and a gold star on your report card? Great, because Insightly is too. Try us for free for 14 days and watch your grades soar. Mom will be so proud.