Knowledge is power. With great power comes great responsibility. Institutional knowledge is no exception. Is everyone on your team working with the most accurate information at all times? How are account changes communicated across groups? How does information go from a sales person to customer support and up to the CEO? Spreadsheets aren't enough. You need Insightly's Customer Relationship Software (CRM) to capture and utilize the knowledge.

CRM systems are specifically designed and built to complement the various activities needed for customer interactions, engagement, sales, support, and success. We provide a single source of real-time data about each customer. Changes are captured immediately so there’s never a conflict or loss of information.

Top five reasons to utilize a CRM:

  • Central Hub of Information - Sharing information is critical to business operations
  • Standardization - Institutional knowledge may get lost or overlooked if there isn’t a single system to capture information in a standard way
  • Communication - Effective businesses run on efficient communication, both internally and externally
  • Reporting - Understand key performance indicators and insights into the health of the business
  • Growth and Scalability - Understand your business today and how to scale it for the future

Enable individualized service to be provided to the people who matter most, your customers, with Insightly.