Remember the Late Night Shows Top Ten list? David Letterman would deliver the Top Ten Signs Your Lifeguard Is Absolutely Nuts . . . #10 -You discover the white stuff on his nose is actually Ranch dressing #9 - When waves destroy a sand castle, she frantically searches for tiny people #8 - Because of paperwork, his rescues generally take 3 to 5 business days.  Well, none of us have three to five business days anymore. That's why you need Insightly. 

At Insightly, we really miss the old top ten, so we came up with the top 10 reasons why integrating a Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) takes your marketing and company recognition and reputation to a whole new level. 

Top ten reasons Customer Relation Marketing is the a real thing:

  • #10 - The cheerful baristas at the drive through coffee stand are the highlight of your day
  • #9 - You've stopped visiting your parents because you can't fly  there on Southwest   
  • #8 - You need a cocktail before calling a 1 (800) customer service number 
  • #7 - You need a cocktail after calling the 1 (800) customer service number  
  • #6 -Nobody gets that warm fuzzy feeling when you have to go the DMV
  • #5 - You worry you might go postal at the post office 
  • #4 -You kind of want your daughter to marry a Les Schwab guy
  • #3 - You want the gentleman at Lowe's to play Santa at your next company holiday party   
  • #2 -If you can't buy it through Amazon, you don't buy it  

The #1 reason you should use Insightly's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for excellence in customer relationship marketing is - Can I get drum roll please?  You can try it 100% free for 14 days. Thank you and Goodnight.