"Alexa, play Adele radio, Alexa, set a timer for 10 minutes for when the pizza is done. Alexa, how much does a hippopotamus weigh anyway?" Do you think customer service is getting  harder? You're right. Today's customers are still always right, and now they expect you to get it right faster than humanly possible.  

An awesome Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software provides key knowledge and insights about your customers’ behaviors, preferences, desires, concerns – heck,  even their personality, their friends and their business and personal social networks.

Insighty's CRM will:

  • Manage contact information for your customers, vendors, or partners

  • Improve efficiency

  • Get a handle on your "To Do" list

  • Clean up your calendar and ensure your schedule is up to date

  • Keep track of emails and calls with clients

"Alexa, sign me up for a free premium trial of Insightly!" Done. now don't forget the pizza in the oven.