In the past, CRM applications have been complex, expensive, and out of reach for smaller businesses. But not anymore - with Insightly.

Clever business owners know how to utilize their CRM systems for service and support as much as they are for sales. Why? Because the best way to grow sales is to keep customers happy. With the use of Insightly, you can rely on these customer service metrics - open issues, followed by closed issues, time to find a solution, and customers without contacts. 

Need proof?:

  • $8.71 - is the revenue CRM generates for every dollar spent (Nucleus Research)

  • 45% - of smaller businesses believed that technology is a top investment priority (American Express)

  • 56% - of small businesses mentioned improving customer experience and retention as a goal (Wasp Barcode Technologies)

Small businesses' needs are no different than those of larger organizations. Your incredible customer service will raise you above your competition. Try Insightly for free and watch perception turn into reality.