New contacts flow into your business each day. Some are word-of-mouth referrals, others engage via social media, and some fill out web forms. Keeping everything organized can seem impossible, especially in today’s complex online world.

A contact management software, such as Insightly, can help you keep it all together. Instead of relying on handwritten notes or your inbox, Insightly provides a centralized platform designed specifically to manage contact information.

Use Insightly to seamlessly:

  • Organize names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses
  • Search and sort contact records
  • Link contacts, organizations, and opportunities
  • Keep notes and related documents 
  • Remind yourself to follow up

Insightly is free for businesses of all sizes, allowing you to store 2,500 records without paying a dime. As your database grows, you can upgrade to a paid monthly plan. Import or export at any time - it’s your data.Sign up for your free Insightly account today.