Stop and think about your worst project management failure. What went wrong? What could you have done differently? 

If you're not using a project management system, it's difficult to know for sure why things get derailed. 

For this reason, many business owners are implementing software that can help them keep projects on track - and evaluate problematic workflows when they develop. Insightly offers a free project management tool as a standard component of all pricing plans (including our free plan). 

With Insightly, you can reduce the number of projects that go wrong by: 

  • Assigning work to specific staff members
  • Tracking due dates (overdue tasks, upcoming to-dos, etc.)
  • Running reports on problematic projects
  • Linking tasks to projects
  • Linking projects to customer records (or other records)
  • Converting opportunities to projects

It's time you moved your project management to the cloud. Sign up for your free Insightly account today and get back to work!