Are you looking to free your business from the bondage of spreadsheets?

We don't blame you. Although spreadsheets offer a familiar interface for your staff, they're also notorious for creating gridlock and overlap. And, in your business, there aren't enough hours in the day to waste on inefficiency.

Insightly is a free small business software application, utilized by more than 800,000 users. Our software offers a wide range of tools, making it possible to get off of spreadsheets quickly. Users trust Insightly for:

  • Managing sales deals
  • Organizing contact information for existing customers
  • Tracking important emails
  • Organizing projects for timely completion
  • Holding staff accountable on todo lists
  • Analyzing the profitability of business processes
  • ....and much more

If you're ready to make the change, sign up for your free Insightly account. There's no credit card required, and we'll never force you into a paid plan. Try it today.