Why get Google Maps when you can use an old paper map out of the glovebox? Psssst . . I can think of 100 reasons. Have you ever been warned by a map program of an upcoming traffic delay and given an alternative route. How cool is that?  Technology has transformed the way we access and use all sorts of important information, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is no exception. 

Insightly uniquely integrates CRM and Project management in one. Easy, Powerful, and Affordable.  Actually, affordable is an understatement since we have an ongoing free version and trial free versions of all plans.  

What's a CRM in a nutshell?

Not all technology is a good thing, and not all technology transforms the way we do business for the better. However, in the case of CRM - Insightly is a no-brainer.  Check it out for free. We bet you will agree.