Are you currently using a web of spreadsheets, address books, email inboxes, and calendars to manage your customer information? Are you starting to feel like you have a flip phone, but need a smart phone? We sure hope you still aren't using a beeper. Has this way of organizing things started to get out of hand? Insightly's CRM system can centralize this information for you and help you be more productive. Be Kent and Superman with Insightly.

Do you have other employees besides yourself who interact with clients? Insightly is a better way to coordinate and supervise activities. By recording all your customer information on a single platform, you get real data instead of anecdotal reports. By keeping a log of daily tasks, sales and customer satisfaction, you can track the actual progress of your company, as well as the progress of individual employees.

Insightly CRM system helps you:

  • Keep on top of your organization
  • Get insights into employee productivity
  • Forecast sales
  • Decide which marketing programs are working

Be sweet and consistent like Kent, but wow your clients with Insightly superpowers. We won't tell how you do it. Try our freeware CRM software free now.