What business challenges can a dynamic customer relationship management (CRM) address, and what are the benefits of implementing a program like Insightly? Inquiring minds want to know and we don't blame you for being curious. There is a fair amount of confusion about the value of CRM for small businesses.

CRM’s reputation is that it's strictly a “big business” tool, because that is where CRM originated. No small business could afford the complexity of a CRM tool 20 years ago. However, now the Cloud and affordability of online programs like Insightly has put the same power in the hands of small growing businesses.

CRM today has myriad benefits for businesses of any size,  ranging from: 

  • Increasing ROI
  • Creating a seamless customer experience
  • Simplifying and automating their customer communications systems
  • Understanding how and from where sales are generated

Every business, large or small, should have a solid understanding of their customer base, who they are, what they’re buying, and other essential customer behaviors. In fact, it’s through this very understanding that companies grow from small businesses into large ones. Try Insightly for free today.