The term gold digging has gotten a bad rap from bad rappers. Your CRM is no good if you don’t leverage what you’ve got! If you are diligent about entering the information about leads, this data is an absolute goldmine. The information you glean from web forms can be utilized to decide what types of products or services to add to your offerings, determine where you will market, and also to stay in touch with past clients.

Insightly’s "Web to Contact" and "Web to Lead" features allow you to build a web form to place on your website. Your website visitors then enter their name, email address, and other basic information to create a contact or lead directly in Insightly. Insightly notifies you about new entries and will tag them for you, so they are easy to find. 

Your Insightly administrator can set up:

  • Web to Contact 
  • Web to Lead 

Insightly supports web to lead contact forms, thus making it easy to quickly engage with customers and prospects. It's all about momentum. Get down, go ahead get down. Try our FREE trial today. In this case, it's truly ok to be a gold digger.