We kinda all want the first impression rose and to be the one at the final rose ceremony, right? It feels great to be in the lead. So maybe this isn't the best way to choose your spouse, but it's an awesome way to choose project management software. Insightly has accepted the rose as innovator and leader in Project Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. 

Insightly will manage your leads, partners, contacts, organizations, and vendors. We ensure you're on top of your project by tracking project performance and activity, as well as against milestones. Insightly will detect social media profile information related to a contact’s email address to allow you to connect better and provide an outstanding customer experience. 

Some key functionalities of Inisghtly's Project Management:

  • Email Collaboration - compose and send messages directly to one leads or contacts
  • Custom Fields - create a custom project report that includes any field 
  • Notes and Files - keep track of drawings, documents, or videos associated with a project
  • Recurring Tasks - set a task to recur automatically weekly or monthly, such as check-ups are done on client accounts

Just like the Bachelor we offer a free trial. Try Insightly FREE for 14 days, whether you are ready to put a ring on it or not.