A sales CRM system--also known as Customer relationship management (CRM) software--has been around for at least two decades. Here's the deal, they have a reputation for being complex, expensive and just out of the reach of small businesses. No fair! Just because you are small business owner doesn't mean don't have the same needs as larger organizations. Turns out that is absolute fiction. CRM is within your reach and it's way more affordable (and in some instances free) than you might imagine.

What's in it for you and your sales team? Well, there are five tasks universal to every small business:

  • Tracking prospects
  • Managing customers
  • Delivering products and services
  • Sending invoices and getting paid

Imagine how much more productive you'd be if you could pitch the spreadsheets and instead have all of your contact, prospect, and customer information all centralized in a single place? Research shows firms using sales processes to guide sales activity report 37% greater profit than businesses with no defined process. 37%! That's no joke.

Don't let your competitors have the last laugh because they have the cool CRM and you don't. By the way, a CRM isn’t just about closing sales. It will help you manage customer relationships from the first interaction to the 20th billing cycle and beyond.