What is the easiest way to boost sales? At Insightly, we believe it is with a game changing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) online software. When you have the finest tools available, you have happy effective team members. When you have happy, effective teams, you have happy returning customers. When you have happy returning customers, sales soar. The domino effect at its best.

Insightly is an intuitive and affordable option to develop ties with your customers and grow your business. Implementing an online CRM has an average return of a whopping $8.71 for every $1 spent. Drive down sales costs by 23% and boost income with Insightly.

Manage business in your sales funnel with Insightly and:

  • Create opportunities to define the value of the business
  • Organize pipelines and associated activity sets and opportunity funnel stages
  • Forecast close dates and probability of winning

With one convenient interface, you will have all the features your marketing and sales teams need to work efficiently. Push over that first domino with our free premium trial and watch the incredible effect it has on sales.