"Pennies do not come from heaven. They have to be earned here on earth." ~Margaret Thatcher

In so many ways, keeping an existing customer loyal is harder than getting a brand new one. A penny saved is indeed a penny earned. The best way to sell and manage your sales is with a top-rate shiny Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program like Insightly. Make your customer experience dynamic and personal and watch your sales increase. Do it all with Insightly.

Insightly is an awesome CRM tool to help small businesses take on the essential task of managing contacts, partners, organizations, suppliers, and vendors. Using Insightly's best practices, you leverage everything about your customer, from their background, email history, to any opportunities or projects in which they have participated.

Insightly’s web-based sales contact management features include:

  • #1 - Current State - Track sales stage
  • #2 - Who’s Responsible - Manage opportunity owner
  • #3 - Plan Purchased - See purchase details
  • #4 - Pipeline - Create a sales pipeline to view and track every project

Watch that piggy bank grow with Insightly. Go ahead, be a penny pincher and try our free version first. We don't mind.