No matter the size of your business, customer service is an important part of your team’s daily responsibilities. In today’s demanding market, answering the phone is no longer enough. Businesses are expected to communicate on every level, from extensive informational content on their website to responsive social media.

Small businesses now have equal access to the big tools with Insightly’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Part of stellar customer service is fast responsiveness. Whether they have a problem, a random question, a request, or a compliment or comment, they want a fast answer. 

Insightly CRM will help your business:

  • Personalize customer service calls with knowledge of past history 
  • Analyze data and find questions customers have already asked
  • Attach links to customers’ social media profiles into their customer records

Be available, responsive, and proactive to stand out from your competitors with Insightly CRM. Your growth depends on your brand reputation…and your brand reputation depends on what customers say about you. Start the conversation today with a free trial.