We're just different.

If you're looking for a simple todo list or kanban board, we're probably not the right tool for you. No, Insightly is much more than that. 

At Insightly, our goal is to be a comprehensive software application that's useful to every part of your business. Of course, project management is an important piece of the puzzle, but it's certainly not the whole picture. 

Insightly gives you all of this:

  • Project management
  • Task lists
  • Contact database
  • Sales management system
  • Email archiving & linking
  • Document storage
  • Bulk email distribution
  • Business reporting & analytics
  • Mobile apps
  • ...and many other awesome features

If you're looking to take your project management game to the next level, it's time you connected it into the broader operations of your business. Insightly is ready to help you do exactly that. Get started for free today - and choose to be different!