Customers can be difficult to understand.

One minute a client wants something. The next moment, he's demanding the exact opposite. Despite your best efforts, some customers are just impossible to predict.

While we can't make you a mind reader, Insightly can help you better understand your customers. If you're not already in the habit of reviewing customer relationship information, it's time to do so. CRM technology helps you build a track record of all your most complex relationships. For example, you might use Insightly to track:

  • Won & lost opportunities by customer
  • Email transcripts
  • Problematic clients
  • Customer pet peeves
  • Notes from in-person conversations

Take the next step to better understanding customer relationship management. Sign up for your free CRM account with Insightly. Shortly after a few minutes in the system, you'll begin to see how a CRM can help make the complex a little more understandable.