There are 5 stages of development in any successful project —

1. Come up with a smokin’ idea

2. Develop a plan

3. Begin work

4. Review performance and results

5. Finish up and take a bow

Unfortunately there is no magic wand to make any of these phases happen. How do you get started and have confidence you are on the right path and maximizing every step?

Insightly is an cost effective customer relationship management solution with project management built in. Businesses use Insightly to manage contacts, track relationships, monitor sales, and manage projects. This proven integration has benefits for:

  • Customizing fields - create project specific benchmarks
  • Notes and files - add reference drawings, documents, or videos 
  • Automation of recurring tasks
  • Reporting - view completed stages and events by timeframe
  • Contact roles - capture contact roles with up to date information
  • Tasks - create and associate each milestone within the project
  • Email reminders - can be set at task creation or as needed
  • Email collaboration - compose directly from Insightly and send messages to one or more leads or contacts

Try Insightly now and be ready at stage one when your next great project pops up. No magic wand required. Insightly supports the "try before you buy" philosophy because we are confident you are going to love us. Sign up for a free trial now.