Remember David Letterman's Top Ten list on the Late Show? Like the Top 10 Signs Your Lifeguard Is Nuts . . . #10 - Due to paperwork, his rescues generally take 3 to 5 business days  #9 - That white stuff on his nose is ranch dressing #8 - When waves destroy a sand castle, he frantically searches for tiny people.  

At Insightly, we miss the top ten skit, so we came up with the top 10 reasons why customer service is important:

  • #10 - Nobody gets that warm and fuzzy feeling when you have to go the DMV
  • #9 - You don't know why, but you kind of want your daughter to marry a Les Schwab guy   
  • #8 - You need a drink before calling a 1 (800) customer service line 
  • #7 - You need a drink after calling the 1 (800) customer service line 
  • #6 - The happy baristas at the drive through coffee stand are the best part of your day
  • #5 - You think you might go postal at the post office 
  • #4 - You've stopped visiting your parents because you can't fly  there on Southwest
  • #3 - You want the gentleman in the building supply department at Lowe's to play Santa at your next company holiday party   
  • #2 -If you can't buy it through Amazon, you don't buy it  

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