Why get a cell phone when there are land lines? Why watch Netflix when you have a VHS? Why use Google maps when you can pull out a perfectly good map from the glove box? Why go on Match.com when your Aunt Mary knows of a wonderful companion for you from her church? Why use a CRM when you have email? Hmmmm . . . Insightly knows why - Innovative technology is powerful, handy, and efficient. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is simply a better way to manage leads, contacts, organizations, partners, vendors and suppliers. Insightly gives you the tools to see everything about your customer from their background, email history, events, projects, opportunities, and social media interactions. 

Insightly CRM manages your customer relationships and also:

  • Makes sure you are on top of your projects at every stage 

  • Tracks project activity and performance against milestones

  • Detects virtually every social media profile related to a contact’s email address

  • Looks at your business any way you want with task dashboard, activity sets, reports and more

It's always good to ask why? Now that you know the answer to "why use CRM software?" - it's time to act. Start with a free 14 day trial and then call Aunt Mary to tell her you are going to pass.